Call Your Mother – A Jew-ish Deli to Bring Warm Carbs and Good Times to Colorado

The Washington, DC-based bagel biz will move west next year to land twice in the Mile High City
Call Your Mother – A Jew-ish Deli to Bring Warm Carbs and Good Times to Colorado
Photo: Official | Call Your Mother

The incoming Call Your Mother stores will open at 1291 N. Pearl St. in Capitol Hill and 3870 Tennyson St. in early 2023, according to Co-Founder Andrew Dana

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As one can probably deduce from the name, Call Your Mother – A Jew-ish Deli is an establishment based around bagels, fun, and not taking oneself too seriously. Owners Andrew Dana and Chef Daniela Moreira along with partner Jeff Zients started slanging bagels at farmers’ markets before opening up their first brick-and-mortar in 2018 in DC’s Park View neighborhood. 

In addition to Andrew and Jeff’s Jewish backgrounds and Daniela’s knack for culinary conceptualization — both of which take Call Your Mother’s food list to the next level — the trio has been able to create a party-like atmosphere that wholly brings gratification back to grubbing. Each store boasts a Boca Raton-meets-Brooklyn aesthetic that begs its customers to crack a smile while the mouthwatering menu forces you to stay close-lipped lest you start to drool. Additionally, the team owns a handful of other east coast restaurants: Timber Pizza, Turu’s Pizza, Mercy Me, and Ballston Service Station.

See the unbelievable Call Your Mother menu here. Spoiler alert: They offer candied salmon cream cheese and latkes with sour cream & apple jam so you can die happy.

In between what can only be imagined as 500 tasks, Owner Andrew Dana found the time to speak with What Now Denver about the two incoming establishments. Here’s what he had to say about his favorite menu item, failed restaurant names, the power of the beloved bagel, and more…

WND: We recently read that when touring Denver, you instantly knew it was the right place in which to expand. Can you explain what specifically about the city piqued your interest and felt like “a second home”?

Dana: We have always wanted to be a neighborhood bagel shop.  We are drawn to true neighborhoods, where people actually live and play.  Denver has such a great mix of neighborhoods and the energy of Denver is also amazing.  Energy is hard to describe, but we knew that whatever we were feeling, we wanted to be a part of it!

WND: What can Denver customers expect from Call Your Mother in terms of vibe/energy/aesthetic?

Dana: We are going to keep our core vibe 100: bright colors, great music playlists, fun food, and great customer service. We got into this industry because we wanted to enjoy work every day and not sit behind a desk.  We think you can feel that in our shops. We want everybody to be having fun, eating great food, and making bagelicious memories! 

WND: Will the Denver menus remain the same as each of your other Call Your Mother stores? 

Dana: We will definitely have some new Denver flair!  We are currently looking into the best farmers and purveyors in the Denver area to find out what the best seasonal ingredients are.  Once we figure that out, we will come up with some Denver-specific menu items.  But do not worry, the CYM classics will also be there!

WND: What’s your personal favorite menu item? 

Dana: I am a big kid at heart, so I love the Grand Villa.  It is a PB & J with granola on a cinnamon raisin bagel.  Your childhood PB & J on steroids! 

WND: Why are bagels so damn good? We need your expert input…

Dana: Haha! They are just the perfect vehicle to have a sandwich.  Chewy crust, soft interiors, but also sturdy enough to hold up to whatever ingredients you want to pile on there! 

WND: Will any of your other restaurants make their way to Denver in the future?

Dana: There are no plans currently, but never say never…

WND: We also read that you went through a lot of bad names before landing on Call Your Mother. Can you let us know what some of those failed monikers sounded like…

Dana: At one point, we were really into naming the restaurant “Totally Bananas,” which is a totally bananas idea…

Amanda Peukert

Amanda Peukert is a Los Angeles-based writer with a love for tattoos, music, food, and film. She received her BA and MFA in creative writing from California State University, Long Beach. Her work has appeared in/on SPIN, LA Taco, Tattoodo, Skin Deep, and Tattoo Energy. When she’s not writing, you can catch her listening to Alice in Chains and Tupac, or watching movies like The Crow and Halloween while eating tacos and drinking a cold beer.
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