Cerebral Brewing Working on Production Center and Second Taproom

The brewery was named one of Denver’s Top 5 by Hop Culture.
Cerebral Brewing Working on Production Center and Second Taproom
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Cerebral Brewing, which started out back in 2015 by Sean Buchan and was named one of Denver’s Top 5 by Hop Culture, is working on adding an 18,000 square foot production facility over at 9990 E Colfax Avenue in Aurora where a former furniture store used to be.

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The facility, according to recent reporting by Westword, will be four miles due east of their current location at 1477 Monroe Street.

“We’ll have a much more dedicated and thought out production environment,” said Buchan when he spoke to What Now Denver on Friday.

Once that’s finished, the brewing company will get to work on a second taproom that should be ready by 2022 or 2023.

As for the new production facility, Buchan says, “We’re shooting to have it open by this fall. Most of our barrels are already there. We’re hoping to do some to go sales there before we open the actual taproom.”

Buchan, who was originally studying to get his PhD in healthcare, started out home brewing before his passion turned into the company it is today.

“I kind of attached to a hobby and just started diving down the rabbit hole. I just wanted a neighborhood spot making beers of a broad spectrum as opposed to just one thing.”

Although the brewery sells more IPAs than anything, they also dabble in everything from mixed fermentation to pale ales, with an extensive barrel-aged stout portfolio.

“We’re really looking forward to flexing the creative side as we move things to the production facility.”

Buchan adds that they’re very excited about entering a new city and community, where the goal will be to build a new customer experience where they can directly engage with people after the separation caused by the pandemic.

Andrew Stillman

Andrew Stillman

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