Cottage Industry Makers to Have Space to Showcase Creations

A Colorado Springs teacher and artist plans to open Makers’ Market in fall 2022.
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Makers’ Market, tentatively scheduled to open in Colorado Springs this fall, will give local artisans a chance to showcase their work. Makers’ Market owner Amy Brown is looking for cottage industry makers to fill the space, which will resemble a farmers’ market.

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Bakers, candle and soap makers, carvers, artists, jewelers, and more will be featured at Makers’ Market. They can rent space and sell items on Saturdays and Sundays. “As a collective or group of artisans, I want to create an environment that supports what they do. I want caring people. Basically, I’m looking for really nice people who are willing to work together and support one another,” Brown explained.

“My idea is that if I create an environment that is inviting, warm, and welcoming, then customers will come in over and over because the goods that are in the shop will constantly be changing and rotating even if it is the same maker in there.”

Makers’ Market will include indoor and outdoor seating for customers to grab a few baked goods from local artisans and enjoy a cup of complimentary coffee or tea. “People can have a snack and just enjoy their time a bit.”

Brown has been renting the future site of Makers’ Market at 2919 W. Colorado Ave. in Colorado Springs to other tenants because she teaches full-time and wasn’t ready to take on the project. Now, it’s time. “People were like, ‘Hey, are you going to do this?’ And, I decided, why not?”

When the current tenant moves out, Brown will have to organize the space and bring in furniture and furnishings before the tentative opening date in September or October of 2022. Makers’ Market will be operated through Brown’s LLC, Mastiff Studios.

Brown will continue teaching art at Harrison High School District Two once Makers’ Market opens. Although the market will only be open on Saturdays and Sundays, it may open on weekdays during school breaks and a couple of months during the summer. “Basically, I’m building it around my work schedule.”

Brown plans to sell some of her artwork, which includes water color with mixed media over the top, and her daughter, Jasmine Brown, will sell her photography. Up to 30 makers could fill the space. “As an artist, it gets lonely because you make things, and if you’re in your studio or baking, or doing whatever you do, you never really see other people. You don’t get that camaraderie,” Brown said.

“I’m just looking for people who really love what they do and want to share it with other people.”

Amber D. Browne

Amber D. Browne is a writer, editor, voiceover artist, and author of The Little Book of Hermetic Principles: Heal Your Energy, Seek Enlightenment, and Deepen Your Understanding of Your Mind, Body, and Spirit. Browne has more than two decades of experience in journalism including in television, radio, magazines, and online publications.
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