Cutting-Edge, Tech-Forward Exercise Concept Coming to Littleton

The Exercise Coach will provide one-on-one and small group classes to members in January 2022.
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The Exercise Coach is coming to Littleton early next year. The cutting-edge, tech-forward exercise concept offers everyone, regardless of skill level, an opportunity to gain strength and be healthier.

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“What we specialize in is these short, 20-minute workouts. What we pride ourselves in is the ability to give you a good workout in that short amount of time,” Littleton studio franchise owner Kyle Gardiner told What Now Denver.

Gardiner said The Exercise Coach is efficient, effective, and safe, and uses a technology dubbed Exerbotics. Instead of using traditional free-weight machines, The Exercise Coach offers resistance machines that test strength and build an exercise regimen through an algorithm. “We can meet anyone where they’re at,” Gardiner explained. Members can track their progress with strength tests. “We see the results.”

Membership packages include one-on-one workouts with a personal trainer, partner training, or scheduled small group sessions in the private studio. The Exercise Coach caters to all types of skill-levels from athletes to people who have not been to the gym in years. “What we offer is just a short, easy, easy-to-stick-to model of just getting stronger and enjoying your life again.”

Potential members can check out The Exercise Coach with two free sessions of the science-based program. “The benefits of strength training are endless,” Gardiner said. Benefits include weight loss and an increase in muscle and bone strength.

“Folks that could barely get off a chair, or go up the stairs, or couldn’t pick up their grandkids, we’re seeing rapid changes in their strength,” Gardiner shared. “We’re coming back to the reality of everything, which is most folks just want to feel better.” The Exercise Coach also offers The Metabolic Comeback program that includes sample menu plans and recipes for weight loss and overall wellness.

Gardiner previously worked in the craft beer industry for a decade. “Now I want to focus on trying to help folks. I had fun in that beer job, and now I want to help,” Gardiner said.

The Exercise Coach set to open in Littleton in January 2022 will be Gardiner’s first franchise location, but plans are to open additional studios in the future.

Amber D. Browne

Amber D. Browne

Amber D. Browne is passionate about developing and sharing information. Amber has over two decades of experience in broadcast journalism including television and radio, as well as freelance writing and editing experience in magazines and online publications.
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