Feng Cha Teahouse to Debut in Denver

Colorado will soon get its first Feng Cha Teahouse
Feng Cha Teahouse to Debut in Denver
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The incoming Feng Cha will be located at 2370 W Alameda Ave, Unit 12 Denver, Colorado, 80223, according to the company’s website. One of three franchisees, Canh Khuu, told What Now Denver they “hope to start construction sometime next month…[but the] finish date will be determined by the contractor since everyone is backed up.”

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Feng Cha is a humble, yet highly motivated teahouse with a mission to “create and propagate next generation tea.” While the environment in each establishment may differ slightly, Feng Cha seems to value comfort and alleviation over all else, explaining on their website that they  “want [their] customers to be able to unwind and feel at home in [their] stores.” What’s more, Feng Cha is interested in the fine details of things. That’s why even the music is meticulously curated to ensure maximum relaxation. 

In addition to boba, tea, and tranquility, Feng Cha also offers an array of pastries and encourages its customers to use the facility as a place to “hang out, study, and work.”

“Feng Cha” means to “serve tea with respect and esteem.”

What Now Denver caught up with Co-Franchisee Canh Khuu to get the scoop on what Denver can expect from their store: 

WND: Why Feng Cha?

Khuu: After doing our research, we chose this franchise because it resonated with our vision.

WND: How do you think Denver will react to Feng Cha?

Khuu: It’s the first Feng Cha in Colorado, and it’s our goal to stand out from other tea shops. Colorado is known for supporting new businesses, so I know Denver will be excited.

WND: What are your hopes for the location?

Khuu: It’s our hope to introduce people in the area to our different variety of drinks and expand to other locations in the future.

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