Gilded Goat Brewing Company Plans Expansion

The production area will provide more space to brew beer for the taprooms.
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Gilded Goat Brewing Company added a taproom in Downtown Fort Collins just over a month ago, and now the brewery is expanding its main taproom location in Midtown. The expansion at 3500 S. College Ave. in Fort Collins is primarily for a production facility.

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“It’s going to allow us to make probably about triple our current production levels,” said Charlie Hoxmeier, head brewer and co-owner of Gilded Goat. The large, climate-controlled barrel aging facility will also feature a dedicated canning area. They hope to finish the expansion by the end of August.

The Midtown location opened in 2017, and Gilded Goat has a loyal customer base. “We’ve always been really focused on our taproom and having a neighborhood, pub environment and a community gathering place,” Hoxmeier said.

They would eventually like to sell Gilded Goat brews to other restaurants and bars, but for now, the main focus is on their taprooms. “Making sure we can make enough beer both in draft options and canned options to be able to supply both of our taprooms,” Hoxmeier said.

One of the most popular brews is the IPA, Nokhu. Hoxmeier described it as being citrusy and earthy with piney notes from the hops, and a strong malt base from locally grown barley that is malted in Loveland. Citrus Hour is also a best seller. “We call it our gateway sour because it’s not really that sour, it’s just kind of tart,” he said. “It’s a good introduction.”

The Frumpy Moo Moo is a breakfast stout with flavors of coffee from Harbinger, chocolate, and vanilla in a stout-based beer. “Really light and easy drinking but full of flavor.”

As for food, a variety of food trucks primarily offer sustenance at the Midtown location. At the new Downtown Fort Collins taproom at 132 W. Mountain Ave., Gilded Goat guests can grab some food from Comet Chicken or Big Al’s Burgers and Dogs to eat in the biergarten. Gilded Goat also partners with Styria Bakery to offer a few pretzels.

With Hoxmeier, his parents, and their team, Gilded Goat is a small, family-run local business still trying to make it in the aftermath of COVID. “We appreciate the support of the community and tourists that are coming in and supporting small, local business,” Hoxmeier said. “Brewing beer is a labor of love, and we do it for just the few short minutes that we have with each customer. We hope that they see everything we put into it.”

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