Lego-Inspired Store Opening in Louisville

Bricks and Minifigs is expected to open to the public this summer.
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A Lego retailer that carries new and used Lego sets, loose Lego bricks, and minifigures is tentatively scheduled to open in Louisville in July 2022. Rick Snyder owns the planned Bricks and Minifigs Boulder storefront, as well as a franchise location in Loveland.

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“I was just looking for something that would be enjoyable to be around and work around. Having a Lego store is one of those things, I think, that most people enjoy being around and doing,” Snyder told What Now Denver. Snyder wanted to do something that would be fun and helpful to Lego lovers. “And, it would not feel like a job.”

Bricks and Minifigs carries sets and has tables of loose Lego bricks that customers can pick through and find just the right piece (or bag of pieces) to create their unique designs. Minifigures from specific sets are also available, as well as minifigure pieces for customers to create their own minifigures.

“Really anything related to Lego, we will carry,” Snyder said. Bricks and Minifigs will periodically host make-and-take events, and people can purchase unique sets and make them in the store, primarily around holidays for family fun.

“We have had contests that we run where people can build certain things. We might limit it to a certain number of pieces, and then whoever can come up with one of the most creative sets that is entered in, they can maybe get something for it.”

Snyder invites in Lego clubs, and they create unique designs that are placed on a protected table that is available for customers to view and get creative ideas.

The Louisville store will be located at 1387 E. South Boulder Rd., and Snyder said it will be similar to his store at 1449 Denver Ave. in Loveland. You can follow the Bricks and Minifigs Boulder Facebook page to keep up with grand opening information.

Amber D. Browne

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