Marczyk Fine Foods to Open at Denver International Airport

The deli and market will open in 2023.
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With two locations plus a commissary production facility and bakery all in Denver, Marczyk Fine Foods is adding another spot to share sandwiches, salads, soups, and more. Pete Marczyk, president and co-founder of Marczyk Fine Foods, told What Now Denver he is “100% stoked” to be opening a location at Denver International Airport.

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Marczyk is partnering with Mission Yogurt, Inc. to coordinate construction, which is currently in the design phase at the airport. The Marczyk Fine Foods concept will provide recipes, signage, supplies, etc. “For us, the real work happens when it opens,” Marczyk said.

Marczyk Fine Foods will open at Denver International Airport sometime in 2023. The menu will be straight-forward and will feature a highly-curated selection of local and imported items. Sandwiches will feature freshly-baked bread, and local greens will be implemented in the salads.

The restaurant will be set up like a walk-through deli. “We’re really designed for speed and quality to get people through quickly but to have a high-quality, highly-localized experience. I sort of joke and call it, ‘Plane food packed to fly,’” Marczyk said.

The market will offer 100-150 retail food items that travelers won’t be able to find elsewhere in the airport. “Candies and snacks from around the world,” Marczyk shared. “We’ve got a super solid plan coming together, and I can’t wait to get open.”

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