MeadKrieger Meadery Headed For Loveland

The Norse-inspired meadery hopes to open by November.
MeadKrieger Meadery Headed For Loveland
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The MeadKrieger Meadery is heading for 452 N Washington Avenue in Loveland later this fall.

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What Now Denver spoke to one of the owners, Matt Ackerman, on Wednesday, who said they were working on obtaining all of the required building permits and renovating the upcoming space.

The meadery was established back in May 2020 as a passion project for one of the other owners, Eric. He’d been making mead out of his home for around five or six years, and has a real passion for Norse history and Viking culture.

After spending some time trying out some samples, his passion turned into a good recipe that the team decided to expand into something they could share with more people and bring those interested into their passion for Norse history and mead. 

For those who don’t know, mead is actually wine, with the common name for it being “honey wine.”

“The process of making it is very similar to the wine making process,” said Ackerman. “Instead of fermenting grapes, you ferment honey to make the alcohol, so there’s a lot more options to the characteristics between sweet and dry and the infusion of other flavors.”

The meadery, when it opens, will offer seven varieties of mead: traditional honey, oak-barrel aged honey wine, four fruit meads including a raspberry, blueberry, peach and cherry, as well as a cinnamon-vanilla spiced mead.

“The community bond is important in Norse culture, so we’re trying to build a spot where people feel like they’re part of the community and create an atmosphere where you can feel welcome and learn about a culture people are not super familiar with.” 

If all goes well from here, MeadKrieger hopes to open in November 2021.

Andrew Stillman

Andrew Stillman

Andrew J. Stillman is a writer of fantasy stories and freelance content. In his spare time, he makes YouTube Videos and explores the world on his travel blog. Follow him @andrewjstillman on all the things.
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