New Crepe Restaurant Opening in Colorado

Zell’s Mountain Creperie will offer sweet and savory flavors in Highlands Ranch.

There is an update to this post: Zell's Mountain Creperie Plans Second Location

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A new crepe restaurant will offer quick, sweet and savory lunch options to Highlands Ranch residents later this year. If everything goes as scheduled, Zell’s Mountain Creperie will open in May of 2022. “I have a feeling we might run into some supply issues, so probably June 1st is going to be the realistic target,” said Jim Beatty, Founder and CEO.

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Most of the architectural and layout design is complete, and Beatty is beginning to order equipment for the new restaurant. The first Zell’s Mountain Creperie will be located near ThunderRidge High School at 2229 W. Wildcat Reserve Pkwy., Unit A4, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129.

Beatty has teamed up with a restaurant consulting group to provide technical support to launch Zell’s Mountain Creperie. His experience is in international real estate. “I’m more of an entrepreneur,” he explained.

“The idea started a long time ago when we were hiking in Austria. That’s why we put the Zell. The Zell comes from Zell em See, Austria,” Beatty explained.

While in Austria, Beatty visited a hut where a woman made delicious crepes. “Traveling through Europe and seeing how crepes are more of a staple, it would be something normal for lunch there, as opposed to here, it’s more of a special occasion.”

Some may think crepes are just for dessert, are too large, or take too long to make for a quick lunch. Zell’s Mountain Creperie wants to change those perceptions. “Our crepes will be slightly smaller,” Beatty said, “and we’re targeting more that it’s a lunch, not just a special occasion.”

Three cooks using six crepe makers will create the made-from-scratch crepes that can be filled with a variety of ingredients. Beatty has two high school-aged children, so his teens and their friends make crepes to try new recipes. Havarti and ham is one of their favorites, so it, along with Nutella, pizza, and chicken, could make the final menu.

“You can really do pretty much anything. The problem right now is actually we have too many ideas. We’re going to look at it this weekend and see what we want to have for the opening menu,” Beatty said. “And, we will add as time goes and do some fun things.” He plans to have monthly features for seasonal and regional flavors, as well as student specials.

Zell’s Mountain Creperie will also offer gluten-free options. “You can make delicious crepes with buckwheat. It really can be a nutritious and relatively fast dining option.”

Beatty would like to open more than half a dozen more Zell’s Mountain Creperie Denver area locations in the future. Locations could include Greenwood Village and neighborhoods with large high schools.

Blake Skinner with Legend Partners and Justin Gregory with SRS Real Estate Partners worked on the leasing transaction for the Highlands Ranch property.

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