Pasadena-Based Daddy’s Chicken Shack Has Locked Down Franchisees for Its Second Round of Incoming Colorado Stores

Doug Dahlstrom, his two sons Dale and Drew, and wife Carol are set to steer Daddy’s Chicken Shack’s Denver locations straight to success
Daddy’s Chicken Shack Has Locked Down Franchisees for Its Ten Incoming Colorado Stores
Photo: Official | Daddy's Chicken Shack
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While Doug Dahlstrom told What Now Denver there are currently no Colorado locations “nailed down yet,” QSR reported that “the team is eyeing to open in the Denver market by year-end to coincide with RE/MAX founder Dave Liniger’s first Daddy’s Chicken Shack opening in Colorado…”

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Earlier this year, Liniger “partnered with [Daddy’s Chicken Shack Founders] [Pace] Webb and [Chris] Georgalas to launch a strategic franchising initiative” which, in addition to the Dahlstrom’s Denver/Fort Worth installment, includes ten Denver stores and ten Phoenix stores. The Dahlstrom’s deal will now bring a total of 20 Daddy’s Chicken Shacks to Denver.

Doug’s son Dale will focus on the ten Daddy’s stores debuting in Fort Worth. 

Dahlstrom, President of Ponderosa Construction, and his family “have extensive experience in a number of fields including restaurants, real estate, general contracting and commercial insurance.” Initially, Doug worked with Daddy’s Founder Pace Webb in a purely construction-based capacity. The two bonded over their shared affinity for “[bringing] a project to life for a franchisee with all the right systems and strategies.” It wasn’t long before the quality of Webb’s creation inspired Doug to become a developer on the project.

“When I met the Daddy’s team and saw the amazing product Pace and [Pace’s husband and co-founder] Chris created, I could visualize [nationwide success],” Doug told QSR. “I don’t take an investment like this lightly, and it’s because of both the product and the outstanding people involved that I knew my family wanted to fully commit to this brand. We are absolutely thrilled to be coming together for a new business venture, and to be joining such a well-rounded group at this early stage of growth.”

Additional What Now Denver coverage about the development deal can be found here.

The article’s first paragraph has been updated and expanded for clarity.

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