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Green CO2 Systems

Our company supplies CO2, Nitrogen, Blended Gas, and Equipment to restaurants, bars, swimming pools, greenhouses, and convenience stores.


And we’re not afraid to say it. The keystone principle Green CO2 Systems has built its foundation on, is treating our customers as we would want to be treated by our own business partners, like family. Since our inception in 2010, founders Dan Schneider, Mike Schutte and Brett Schutte agreed that Green CO2 Systems would always conduct business in the most fair and ethical manner, always doing what is best for the customer despite not always being what is in the best interest of the company. It’s family first and our customers are a part of our family.


Founded in Fort Collins, CO, Green CO2 Systems is an employee owned and operated company. We believe the best way to engage our team partners and help them take ownership of the Green CO2 Systems’ customer experience, is to give them ownership in the company. Our team treats the business like it’s their own and that’s because it is.


Carbon Dioxide is a known Greenhouse Gas that plays a massive role in our ecosystem. Efforts are being made around the world to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions in an attempt to protect our environment and leave a healthy planet to our children. Green CO2 Systems is committed to helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint and play a part in the GREEN movement. By utilizing our ZERO-VENT Bulk CO2 Delivery and Storage systems, Green CO2 customers prevent tons of Carbon Dioxide from being needlessly purged into the atmosphere when being filled and not in use.

Phone: 877-CO2-FOR-U
Primary Services
  • Bulk CO2 for beer and soda systems
  • Cylinder delivery for CO2, Nitrogen and Beer Mix
  • Gas Blenders and Nitrogen Generators for Beer Systems
  • For larger CO2 systems, we provide monitoring devices like CO2 PPM Meters, Shut off valves, Alarm Control Panels, alarms and appropriate signage for Fire code compliance

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Lance Rainwater

Dir. of Sales/Marketing

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