Short-lived Pueblo-Themed Bar Will Soon Become a Salaciously Spooky Haunt

Fuel & Iron is set to rebrand as Honor Farm, a Haunted Spirit House, just in time for fall’s beloved frightful aesthetic
Short-lived Pueblo-Themed Bar Will Soon Become a Salaciously Spooky Haunt
Photo: Official | Fuel and Iron
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The incoming Honor Farm will open at 1526 Blake St, Denver, CO 80202 — a notoriously haunted building built in 1863 — this fall. This will be the third concept to grace the space in three years, according to Westword

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Honor Farm is the brainchild of Lexi Healy and Veronica Ramos who own “an authentically weird little rum bar” in Edgewater (Electric Cure) and a gay pirate-themed tiki bar located on Fuel & Iron’s mezzanine (Hell or High Water).

Fuel & Iron’s owners Zach Cytryn and Nathan Stern served as Healy and Ramos’ real estate agents, ultimately helping them lock down a location for Electric Cure before inviting them to grace Fuel & Iron’s entresol area. Cytryn and Stern opened Fuel & Iron in April with the intention of introducing Denver to Pueblo culture.

Despite Cytryn and Stern’s wholesome objective, the bar admittedly & unfortunately resulted in some confusion. Trusting in Healy and Ramos’ “chaos,” the Fuel & Iron team banded with the spooky duo to create something undeniably clear: a What We Do in the Shadows-inspired haunted bar equipped with a 12-foot skeleton and vintage relics plucked from estate sales.

In addition to a new, fun-fueled cocktail menu (think liquid nitrogen and fire), the food menu will be reworked by Jimmy Wanless and will also include Healy and Ramos’ infamous “cock waffles.” Thankfully, some of Fuel & Iron’s spirit will continue dwelling within the location’s walls as Dan Levinson will be updating his Pueblo-themed mural with some spooky add-ons, and a few beloved Fuel & Iron food items will remain on the menu (e.g. green chile-smothered burgers, or “Sloppers,” pictured above).

What’s more, the name Honor Farm is a direct ode to Pueblo. According to the city’s website, “‘Honor Farm’ was the name of ‘part of the Colorado State Insane Asylum during the early days. Dairy and other agricultural operations were conducted by patients as a function of the hospital.’” While the facility no longer exists, the land is said to be exceptionally haunted. However, Cytryn, Stern, Healy, and Ramos have no intention of making light of the asylum’s dark and painful past.  

An interview with Cytryn is forthcoming.

Amanda Peukert

Amanda Peukert is a Los Angeles-based writer with a love for tattoos, music, food, and film. She received her BA and MFA in creative writing from California State University, Long Beach. Her work has appeared in/on SPIN, LA Taco, Tattoodo, Skin Deep, and Tattoo Energy. When she’s not writing, you can catch her listening to Alice in Chains and Tupac, or watching movies like The Crow and Halloween while eating tacos and drinking a cold beer.
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