Stoney’s Cantina Files Building Permit for Patio Remodel

The restaurant just took over for Lime Cantina in June.
Stoney’s Cantina Files Building Permit for Patio Remodel
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Stoney’s Cantina, a Mexican restaurant owned by Stoney Jesseph, has filed for a building permit to remodel the patio at their 30 S Broadway location.

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The remodel, according to the permit, will include an enclosed patio with a new fence and gate, new counter tops in existing openings with new tables and chairs.

The Cantina, one of three concepts owned by Jesseph, took over for Lime Cantina back in June. The space has also played home to Deluxe and Gozo, which closed after six years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As for Stoney’s, Jesseph capitalized on people’s desire to come to his other establishments — Stoney’s Bar & Grill and Stoney’s Uptown Joint — for a good drink. According to their website, the Cantina acts as another expression of that desire, displaying the “finest craft cocktails utilizing fresh ingredients.”

The drinks side of things focuses more on tequilas and mezcals while also highlighting Mexican and craft beers.

The food is meant to showcase the local talent and flavor as the restaurant partners with local farmers, purveyors and suppliers. That partnership has allowed them to establish the flavor profiles the company’s becoming known for, including slow-cooked pork dishes and smoky tacos inspired by Mexico City’s streets.

What Now Denver reached out to Jesseph for more information on the remodel, but he was unavailable by phone on Tuesday.

Andrew Stillman

Andrew Stillman

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