Story Coffee Company Adding Second Location

A simple menu focusing on coffee will soon be offered in Old Colorado City.
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Old Colorado City is gaining a new creative space that will house a second location for Story Coffee Company.

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Don Niemyer and his wife, Carissa, plan to open their second Story Coffee Company location at 2752 W. Colorado Ave. in Colorado Springs, possibly sometime this summer. The space is a historic building that is being converted into a multi-use space that will house several concepts including an architecture firm, an art gallery, and more.

“I’m just 450-square-feet of the 12,000, so there are a number of things that have to happen with the building,” Niemyer shared, “before I can finish with my part of it.”

The original Story Coffee Company opened in a tiny house at 120 E. Bijou St. in Colorado Springs in the fall of 2015. “Our concept is everything is based on simplicity and elegance and excellence. What we mean by that is we don’t do very much. We built a tiny space, so we would intentionally have low overhead,” Niemyer told What Now Denver.

“That gives me the luxury, if you will, of doing what I want, and what I want to do is coffee.” Story Coffee Company is coffee-centric, but it also serves pastries from a bakery, hot chocolate, and teas.

Although they weren’t looking to open another location, they feel great about the expansion. “We love our simplicity,” he said. “We just love being in the mountains with our kids and keeping our life as simple as possible. But, the way life works, is you sometimes have doors that open up in front of you, and you have to decide if you’re going to go through that door or not.”

Some of their close friends purchased the building, so they decided Story Coffee Company should be a part of the project. “It’s just such a cool vision.”

Story Coffee Company is currently in the middle of a fundraising campaign. “People can throw in and get free rewards for helping us raise the capital, so we don’t have to go into debt for the buildout.”

Story Coffee Company is offering different fundraising levels with the top Platinum level at $100. It includes a coffee mug with artwork from nationally-recognized graphic novelist, Johnathan Case. “But, you’re not really paying for the mug. The mug comes with a future benefit of $1 off of every drink you ever buy at Story Coffee, either location, for the rest of your life.” You can find out more at Story Coffee Company’s website.

Amber D. Browne

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