Zymos Brewing to Bring Great Beers and Even Better Vibes to Littleton Later This Year

The brewery founded in 2019 is back on track with post-pandemic gusto and is ready to launch a neighborhood hangout
Zymos Brewing to Bring Great Beers and Even Better Vibes to Littleton Later This Year
Photo: Official | Zymos Brewing
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Zymos Brewing will be located in Littleton Colorado at Lowell Blvd. and Belleview Ave., according to owner Alex Tift. Tift told What Now Denver she hopes to open Zymos’ doors in six months or so, but with building permit protocol and slowed supply chain momentum, the brewery’s debut date is still undetermined. 

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Zymos was founded in 2019 in hopes of “creat[ing] a welcoming space where people could come to drink a great craft beer and build a community.” The brewery’s Greek-inspired name “is a play on Zymurgy or Zymology, which both refer to the science of fermentation.” The company’s website further explains its moniker as coming from the Greek root “zymos,” or fermentation/leavening. With a passion for people and an obvious interest in the brewing process, Zymos is a well-considered (and self-proclaimed) combination of both art and science. 

That said, What Now Denver caught up with owner Alex Tift to see just what else Zymos is all about: 

WND: How many customers will Zymos accommodate?

Tift: We’ll be able to house a little under a hundred patrons at a time. 

WND: Will you serve food or partner with trucks and vendors?

Tift: We won’t be doing any food in-house, but there is a neighboring restaurant that people can go to and bring back food to the brewery. Depending on how things go, we may have food trucks outside, but it certainly won’t be an everyday kind of thing.

WND: Aside from success, what are your hopes for Zymos?

Tift: We want to be a gathering place where people will come, drink beer, and play games – we want to be the neighborhood hangout. 

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