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In Denver, we’re used to having it all: a bustling downtown, travel-worthy cultural attractions, award-winning restaurants, craft breweries, world-class sports teams, 300-days of sunshine, mountains, and ski slopes!

What Now Denver is here to give you nothing short of what you’re used to. Absolutely everything you need to know about the brick-and-mortar restaurants and small businesses coming soon to your neighborhood, all in one place.

We already have years of experience breaking the latest restaurant, retail, and real estate news in cities like Atlanta and Los Angeles, and now, What Now Media Group is finally in Denver, the Mile High City.

Our mission at WND is to act like we’re observing the city from the top of the Rockies like a hawk, gathering all newsworthy information to report back to you. We’ll often be the first to know of a new business before it even opens. We’ll be the first to report who bought that long for-sale lot, or when that famous craft brewery is having a new, cool spin-off.  

If you happen to have an “in” or lead on a new restaurant or business opening in your area, feel free to drop us a tip at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you.

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