Smash Room and Ninja Course Planned for Colorado Springs

Take out some aggression or test your ninja skills at these future venues.
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Two Iowa businesses that could provide a little therapy for some and a lot of fun for others are in the works for Colorado. Chad Lambert owns a number of businesses in Iowa and Colorado and is planning to open two Smash Room locations and a ninja course venue in Colorado Springs.

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The first Smash Room is expected to open sometime next month at The Citadel Mall. The second Smash Room is being planned for Chapel Hills Mall in Colorado Springs. Lease negotiations are currently underway for Lambert’s ninja course concept, Kids Warrior Gym, also planned for Chapel Hills Mall.

The ninja course venue would offer an arcade and possibly a space for virtual reality. If possible, Lambert would also like to include concessions for guests at that location, which would be in the former Borders space at the mall. Both the Smash Room and ninja course at Chapel Hills Mall could open this fall.

Lambert told What Now Denver he is also planning to bring Smash Room to Castle Rock and Aurora. The premise is that attendees pay a fee, and they can use sledgehammers, golf clubs, crow bars, hammers, and various other items to destroy windshields, glass bottles, keyboards, and so on.

“I actually took it another step farther, so instead of just breaking, I created it into stations,” Lambert explained. “So, there’s the stabbing station and that’s like foam mattresses that they are using screwdrivers, scissors to stab,” Lambert said.

Guests can also punch, kick, and use a baseball bat to hit half-torso, body bags. “Maybe they had some trauma in the past. There’s a lot of different scenarios that people have come in with that they have shared that that’s why they are getting their aggression out,” Lambert explained. Others just participate in the Smash Room for the experience.

Smash Room will also offer a Neon Splatter Room, which is a black-lit room with colorful lights, music, and karaoke. Attendees can wear a poncho or purchase a white shirt, and they paint the room that features a big canvas. All the paint is non-toxic, washable, water-based paint. “They can splatter and paint their canvas. Various brushes and really cool Intricate rollers for design.”

Attendees can purchase time or host birthday parties. Smash Room also plans to offer field trips. “We’ll be doing some outreach with troubled youth and just in general with the school. Let’s say they’re having an issue, they need to go get it out, they can come over, utilize our services,” Lambert said. “We’re just getting started in the Colorado Springs area, so we’re excited to share it.”

Amber D. Browne

Amber D. Browne is a writer, editor, voiceover artist, and author of The Little Book of Hermetic Principles: Heal Your Energy, Seek Enlightenment, and Deepen Your Understanding of Your Mind, Body, and Spirit. Browne has more than two decades of experience in journalism including in television, radio, magazines, and online publications.
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