Healthy Smoothie Shop Headed to Denver Neighborhood

Park Hill Nutrition will open to the public later this summer.
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A new healthy smoothie shop will make its way into Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood later this summer. Park Hill Nutrition owner Tanza Trammell is excited to get back to the neighborhood.

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“I was born and raised in Park Hill, so it’s coming back home and actually being able to be an advocate for the community,” Trammell said. “I just feel like I need to come back to the community and put my heart, my hard work, my vision, and my goal back to where I grew up.”

Park Hill nutrition will offer diners protein shakes, smoothies, and energizing teas, anything that involves total nutrition. “We’ll have meal replacement shakes, post-workout, pre-workout,” Trammell said. The energizing teas provide energy with no crash. “There’s 20 calories, less than one gram of sugar. It has aloe in it, which helps with your digestive health, and then it’s going to have your B12 vitamins in there.”

The smoothies come in a variety of flavors and have 17-32 grams of protein, between 200-250 calories, and 18 carbs. “So, super healthy.”

The Park Hill Nutrition location at 2855 N. Colorado Blvd. in Denver will be grab and go but will feature indoor seating with free WiFi. “You can come in, do work, hang out, have business meetings.”

Trammell has owned two other nutrition shops, one of which recently sold after three years in operation in Englewood. Trammell’s other shop, Bennett Nutrition in Bennett, CO, is still in operation. “It’s Herbalife products but made in a healthy smoothie option.”

Park Hill Nutrition will offer networking and workout events. “My goal is to actually get some teenagers in there to create a vision to let them know maybe college isn’t an option or something like that. I want to be able to mentor people to become business owners,” Trammell said. “It’s an environment that we’re creating here.” Trammell hopes to hold the grand opening the last weekend in July.

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