Little Bodega Planned for Denver

The retail grocer and deli will offer a one-stop-shop for locals’ needs.
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A convenience store and deli, based on a traditional New York bodega, is headed to Five Points in Denver. “I’m trying to bring that concept here,” said Natasha Butler, owner of Little Bodega.

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“Just to be able to run down and grab one or two things you might need is really convenient for a lot of people rather than having to make a whole trip to the grocery store for something.”

The deli menu will include hot and cold sandwiches featuring cold-cut meats, and the retail section will have snacks, toiletries, and more. “I’m really excited to bring this here,” Butler said.

Little Bodega is Butler’s first business, and she thinks there is an opportunity to add more in the Denver area. “I think it will be a really essential part of the neighborhood especially if there are a lot of apartment buildings that are there and coming in.”

Little Bodega could open in late summer or early fall at 613 22nd St. in Denver. Butler is waiting on permitting from the city before she can begin construction on the space.

Amber D. Browne

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