New Workout to Debut in Colorado This Summer

Body20 is making its way to Fort Collins to offer a quick workout with great benefits.
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Members can take advantage of a new fitness concept that uses Electric Muscular Stimulation technology in Fort Collins this summer. Body20 Fort Collins will be the first location in the state for the brand.

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“We use this technology in 20 minutes to achieve the equivalent of four to six hours of working out,” said Tara Hopkins, co-owner of Body20 Fort Collins. Members wear a full-body suit in the one-on-one sessions with a trainer who is certified in EMS technology and personal training. The suit features pads over different muscle groups including hamstrings, back, glutes, traps, arms, abs, and more.

“We use this machine, and we’re able to contract those muscles to a safe range,” Hopkins told What Now Denver. “We end up giving people 36,000 muscle contractions with zero impact on joints.”

As the muscles are stimulated, a personal trainer is also leading a workout. Members participate in one strength training session and one cardio each week. Top benefits for Body20 are increased muscle definition, back pain relief, improved posture, cellulite reduction, and more.

Hopkins’ background is as a charge nurse in the operating room at UCHealth Medical Center of the Rockies. Hopkins and her fiancé, Chris Eberle, who is co-owner, discussed starting a business and found Body20. They tried a session in Florida. “We literally did a 12-minute workout, and we were so sore in such a great way afterwards that we were like, ‘We have to bring this to Colorado,’” Hopkins said.

Presale for founding memberships is available now online. Body20 Fort Collins will be at the Colorado Marathon this weekend doing complimentary arm demos if you want to check it out.

The space is still under construction, but the Fort Collins studio is tentatively scheduled to open sometime in July 2022 at 3519 E. Harmony Rd., Ste. 150, Fort Collins, CO 80528. According to Instagram, Body20 has plans to open other locations across Colorado including one in Louisville and three in the Highlands Ranch/Cherry Hills Village area.

Amber D. Browne

Amber D. Browne is a writer, editor, voiceover artist, and author of The Little Book of Hermetic Principles: Heal Your Energy, Seek Enlightenment, and Deepen Your Understanding of Your Mind, Body, and Spirit. Browne has more than two decades of experience in journalism including in television, radio, magazines, and online publications.
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